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The successful journey of failure Absar

The successful journey of failure Absar. Opposition parties have taken a big risk by passing a vote of no confidence in National Assembly Vice President Kassim Suri, who has had more failures and less success, creating “tough times” for the government over the past three years. It was also a test of intimacy with the newly formed Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto. Voting will take place on Friday. Many important decisions are usually made on the same day.

Earlier, the government was defeated in the National Assembly when former Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani surprised Prime Minister Imran Khan by defeating Hafeez Sheikh, the ruling coalition’s financial candidate in Senate elections in Islamabad. . Rebellion or infidelity is complex from within.

The successful journey of failure Absar

Such a thing had happened, and although Khan knew which ruling party members did not vote for their candidate, he could not set an example for cracking down on them because the government could leave.

It remains to be seen whether history can repeat itself at a time when the gap between PML-N and PPP is widening. The success of the distrust movement can bring Shahbaz and Biwala closer together, and failure can also undermine the unity in parliament. The same thing happened after Gilani’s victory.

The successful journey of failure

To make Gilani the leader of the opposition after the defeat in the Senate Presidential election was also the wrong decision by Bilawal Bhutto or Asif Zardari with the votes of the ruling Balochistan Awami party. One is to send the same candidate twice, and the other is after guarantees that the opposition leader will become a member of the Muslim League? The PPP has undermined the opposition alliance. It would be better if this place was given to the Muslim League. The opposition can quickly start a movement against the Vice President.

If you can’t do much political work in cities with 14 MNAs and 22 MPAs, how are you going to make a change in Sind empty-handed? As for Maulana Fazlur Rehman outside the DPR, he is still on the verge of failure. The successful journey of failure Absar.So far, they have failed to avenge Khan Sahib’s defeat in the 2018 elections, either inside the assembly (because he is outside of him) or outside. Shortly after the election, he advised the PML-N and PPP not to take the oath, but both refused.

The successful journey of failure  Absar

Opposition parties had a clear majority

Opposition parties had a clear majority in the Senate and made it “difficult” there, but then suddenly a no-confidence vote was brought against Senate President Sadiq Sanjarani.Given the turnout, the move could easily have happened, but the opposition failed miserably. It is important that neither of the two main parties take action against these senators. If you want to know the truth, the truth is that it was the opposition itself that helped the most in making Imran Khan Prime Minister.

The revolt within the PML-N before the 2018 elections, the formation of the Balochistan Avami party, all these factors helped the PTI form a government after the election. Now when former President Asif Ali Zardari completes the arrest of Dr. Asim Hussein and his friends from Mian Sahib in 2015, he helped make Imran “elected”. “Invisible help” is now only given to PML-Q and MQM (Pakistan). First by reducing their seats and then by forming alliances.

The most important failure of PDM

In such a situation, the fate of the eight-party, eleven-party Pakistan Democratic Movement alliance must remain as it was. One deadline is followed by another deadline and another deadline is followed by a third deadline and finally PDM is “dead”. Attempts were made to revive it, but without PPP and ANP. Look what happened.

However, both the PML-N and the PPP gained a psychological advantage by defeating the PTI in the by-elections, and winning a motion against the vice president could jeopardize opposition testimony. This is a battle in the 2023 Pilkada to keep the wheels of democracy running.

If you lose, your opponent’s losing streak continues successfully. Lastly, a request from the Prime Minister. In total 17 you promised one thing to the families of the martyrs of the city tragedy model. Did you also take the uterus? Be right, sir.



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