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Start with Shirin Mazari

Start with Shirin Mazari. The first incident occurred on campus. I studied at Zamindara College in Gujarat. I live in a hostel. There is a village next to the hostel. “We can peek into houses where it’s embarrassing to see.”

There were more students in the dorms than Sargodha, Mandy Bahaudin, and Falia. They are from the village and very honest. You only have three jobs. They ate five or six loaves of bread with three plates of lentils from the inn’s mess. Rita’s night at Rita and through the windows in the village backyard and yes, I remember these people also going to class to finish attendance and also watching movies on Sundays.

Falia’s six-and-a-half-inch Chadhar became my friend. He was older, but his warm voice and wild accent made him our friend. It’s also very easy. One morning he was very embarrassed and upset. When I asked why, he said, “I stayed up all night.” I asked, “How are you? Why did you have to stay up all night?” He said shyly: “At night there was a girl on the roof in front of my window.”

We both talked until morning. I laughed and asked, “What happened?” He said shyly, “It doesn’t matter, it’s a shame.” I spoke in motion all night long. In the morning I realized she was not a girl. The red scarf fell on Berry. I understood his movements and replied, “I sat like this by the window all night, and time passed with laughter.

I forget Chadhar’s name and form, but I can’t forget the incident with Bari Ass. This incident was a “life lesson” and made it clear to me at a very young age. We see in the world what our imagination tells us. She wants to show that when there is lust in our imagination, we feel like a woman in a berry scarf and sit by the window all night and talk to her.

The second event in my life that happened in the center of the Jama’at was Islam. I started making documentaries about self-made people twenty years ago. Like many of my previous projects, this project also failed. He arrived at Mansoura to record the interview. Kazi Sahib is a brilliant and elegant man. We installed the camera. Suddenly a raining elder came and said angrily, “Javed Sahib didn’t expect that from you.” My surprise is getting bigger.

There is a woman with us. The elders pointed at him and said, “You came to interview the Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami and you brought a woman with her bare hands. Amazed, I turned to the woman. I saw that his sleeve was at his elbow. I laughed and said, “Let your narrow-eyed love go to the Holy Prophet.

We didn’t see it empty-handed, but you did see it for a few seconds. “He got angrier and didn’t call Kazi Hussein Ahmed until the woman came out.” Life lesson: If you are busy at work, you will not see the woman’s hand for two days and if you are free, even bare elbows are a danger.

All praise belongs to Allah alone. I consider all Sharia regulations binding, but as far as the veil, profanity and sexual violence are concerned, I cannot understand the connection between the three. Three punishments for adultery were imposed during the time of the Prophet. Please tell me the story of this big puppy….. Where did this happen? Who imposed this punishment and when was this sin committed? Then you will have no trouble understanding the problem.

In other countries, girls like Zainab, Marwa, Siema, and Harem are humiliated. Was this incident due to inappropriate clothing? In Lahore, a religious leader named Aziz-ur-Rehman attacked a madrasa student. The student claimed that the deed had been going on with him for three years. Defendant Aziz admitted in his video testimony that the act was violent. That didn’t happen and this incident was three and a half years old.

The defendant may have suggested that if the assault was voluntary and the incident was three and a half years old, then it should be condoned. The question is, what lewd clothes did the madrasa youth wear? As a result, the suspect Aziz became a human-robot and was tempted. On September 9, 2020, there was a rape on the highway. Two robbers brutally rape the mother in front of the children.

What lewd clothes did this woman wear and what motivations the robbers had in this car, and the fall of Mukhtaran Mai achieved international fame in 2002? In this case, Mukhtaran Mai was raped on Panchayat’s orders. On trial: “Where is the temptation in him? These events are like salt in the flour. There are not a dozen such incidents in our society. There are hundreds and thousands. I’m not against the veil.

This is Allah’s commandment and we have to obey every Allah’s commandment, but the question is will the case of state rape because of the hijab end and humility and religion will be enough to prevent it? No, if humility and religion could have prevented this incident, an incident like Aziz-ur-Rehman would not have happened. Ran May will not be a victim of gang rape, and Zainab’s body will not be found for five days, so we have to admit that there are other causes of rape and sexual abuse.

We must admit that we have made society dangerous for women. We think of them as clay toys so it is not a crime in our eyes to step on them, crush them and crush them. We’re not ready to accept that. The number of mentally ill people in society is increasing and these are animals that even men and women are not safe from, and thirdly, unfortunately, so far we have done nothing for the rule of law in this country.

Why don’t we solve sexual harassment and violence cases immediately and not punish the guilty? Why not make society safer for women and children? Why not make marriage easier and cheaper? Why don’t we ban pornography in this country, why don’t we set quotas for women in offices and businesses, and why don’t we pay attention to domestic violence?

We must also accept that this country will not change unless we change men’s perceptions and attitudes towards women. In our country and today, at ceremonies, men eat first and then women. Why? During our sessions and tours, we have made it a rule for women to eat before men. Believe me, both women and men begin to respect each other. Why don’t we adopt this rule at the national level?

If the prime minister still thinks that there is no way to improve society other than the veil, why doesn’t the prime minister start this good deed with his party? There are five female ministers in the cabinet. You need to get them to use Sharia law regularly. If Ms. Zartaj Gul can wear an abaya and shawl when meeting with the royal delegations of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, why not in normal life?

If the first lady can live under the veil of Sharia, why not Shirin Mazari, Fehmida Mirza, Zubeida Jalal and Sania Nishtar? If the Prime Minister takes the veil really seriously and believes that it will lead to a revolution in the country, then he should start with Shirin Mazari and send a clear message to the country. The people on the left and right can’t be seen, but they teach the whole world on the screen. Where is this truth? Where is the sermon?



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