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Qaum E Lut disease is still going on

Qaum E Lut disease is still going on. On Tuesday night June 15, a heartbreaking video went viral on social media. After seeing this video, I was shocked. I could barely sleep at night because that’s what happened. To reiterate here the atrocities that occur in this video. But not having the courage to remain silent about evil is also something that comes with evil. As the hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) be blessed, the translation of which is: whoever among you sees something that is contrary to the Shariah, must correct it with his own hands and if he does so, he does not have it. strength, he must resist it with language. If he didn’t have the strength to do so, he would definitely feel bad and this was the weakest level of trust.

(Muslim references, Abi Dowud, Al-Musnad Ahmad)

Based on the above hadith, they cannot stop this bad action by force because it is equivalent to taking the law into your own hands, but you can try to resist it with your tongue (pen) and to recognize the evil in the heart. Therefore, an attempt was made to speak out against this evil and cruel act by picking up a pen. After watching the video, it becomes clear that it could be a fake video or a heinous conspiracy to slander a great religious figure in the past, but as the journalist and presenter of Jamil Farouki ul-Islam Lahore, the brother of Hafiz Asadullah Farouk, the head of the same madrasa from the tyrant who same Mufti Aziz (also called Mufti is an insult to the position of Mufti) rape incident involving Sabir Shah.

In it he says that a depressed young man came to him and complained to Mufti Aziz, but he didn’t believe it, but when the video came out he investigated and fired Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman – adding that the government of Mufti Sahib Po A Similar allegation letter from a madrasa also went viral on social media where it was written in his speech to Mufti Aziz that “Masmi Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman Sahib”.

Qaum E Lut disease is still going on

Some people from the neighborhood came to your house in the middle of the night with a video of unpleasant bad behavior with a student about you and also messaged your son to go here and based on their complaint to the institution after consulting with management and your unanimous decision was dismissed by management on June 3, 2021. You can pick up your stuff here and from today the organization will announce your full commitment to all your words and actions.

You are responsible for your own actions. Dismissed from (Maulana) Asadula Farouk, guard of Jamia Manzoor-ul-Islamia, Lahore Cantt. On the other hand, a depressed young man is seen in the viral video he posted which mentions that he is telling stories of injustices that befell his parents and teachers. But he didn’t believe it. How unfortunate and what. a misfortune.” Cruel that an oppressed youth should be bullied by the same oppressor named Aziz to prove his oppression until the oppressed young man shoots a video to prove that he has committed an illegal act.

In the eyes of Anna Allah Vana Ilya Rajaun-Rakam, the biggest injustice is that the moderators of the madrasa sent the above-mentioned Aziz a letter in which they wrote to him “Masmi Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman Sahib” with great respect. i.e. Mufti and Sahiba God forbid what hypocrisy is, according to his own research, a proven criminal to be called by honorific titles like Mufti and Sahib.

Qaum E Lut disease is still going on

Qaum E Lut disease

And no matter how hypocritically you are ordered to carry your belongings away from here, the institution declares you from today to be completely free from all your words, deeds and actions. You are responsible. Here you need to ask the administrators and heads of institutions whether thieves were caught stealing acrobatic shoes, madrasa fans, clocks, books, furniture or anything of value, money and much more. This is what the administrators and superiors of this institution have to say, telling this thief with the same respect and admiration as “Mr. Thief”, since you were caught red-handed stealing, you must do the honor of keeping stolen goods here. Back home

The company expresses its complete opposition to this action. No such thing. That won’t happen because you have to trick the thief first and then hand him over to the police. How hypocritical is it that someone who disguises himself as Islam is not caught stealing the religion of Islam, but robs the religion of Islam in public, and you give him his way home with dignity and respect.

The people at the madrasa, who told him to leave with dignity, wanted to hand him over to the police immediately because we couldn’t show our faces to the world because of this disaster. Non-religious, non-Muslim liberals attack the religion of Islam and the honor of our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) because of their misfortune. Allah has mentioned the people of Lut (peace and blessings of Allah) in various suras.

He said: “And don’t think of Lot when he said to his people: I believe you do dirty words. No nation of nations has been in this evil before you. . If you go to people to loot and plunder in your community, then the response of their people is nothing more than saying: God’s punishment is upon us. Take it honest.

He said: God! So help me against those who cause harm” (Surah Al-Anqabut, verses 28-30).

 Incidentally, in order to punish such an animal, a fatwa must be taken from the so-called Nar. The “Mufti” should punish this heinous crime according to the Qur’an and Hadith so that the Pakistani state can punish him easily.

Above all, will the state of Pakistan take action? Will scientists issue a fatwa against this “unlucky” man? Will scientists protest after Friday prayers? Was this poor man really punished? Or will the Mud Pau program be restarted? Because if this so-called mufti who issued this fatwa doesn’t pardon anyone at the age of 70, then guess how many children like Sabir Shah have been bullied by this poor man since his youth.

Since childhood we learn the prayer to avoid the devil is read “Awaz-e-Ballah min Shaitan al-Rajim”. But can someone teach us the prayers we should pray to avoid such animals? On the other hand, a video has been posted denying the accusations against him and saying that this young man gave me something intoxicating, I was not aware. It was possible that he read his testimony from a draft on a blank piece of paper and if it was true. true, the board of his own institution did not send his resignation from his institution).

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Note: I apologize to Allah for any mistakes in this surah, including Quranic verses, translation of Hadith Mubarak, meaning, spelling, words or typos and if any Muslim brother makes mistakes in this surah, please forgive and point this out for correction. . The purpose of this article is not to offend scientists, but to uncover scapegoats masquerading as scientists.



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