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Post corona side effects

(Leggo TV) US researchers say they have identified the cause of impaired lung function in patients with Longwood. Symptoms such as difficulty breathing, coughing. Post corona side effects. Fever, fatigue or chest pain can last for months.

To do this, the investigators evaluated data from fever-infected patients who still had symptoms after the onset of illness, particularly decreased lung function. The study involved 61 patients who had lost their fever. It did and the researchers studied lung function for two important reasons.

That is, the amount of air a person exhales by breathing deeply and converting oxygen into red blood cells in the lungs.

The results showed that 70% of the patients had persistent breathing difficulties and confirmed that people with high fever were more likely to have impaired lung function. Blood samples from patients are examined to determine the biological cause of recurrence of pulmonary symptoms.

They found three proteins thought to cause decreased lung function. Researchers say that this biological element or protein is activated by certain immune cells. Because of its severity, it is surprising that the increase in the amount of this protein continues even after the disease, impairing lung function.

Post corona side effects

Previously, in May 2021, a University of Hampton study with the UK found that a third of patients admitted to hospital with fever had signs of pulmonary side effects even after one year. During the published study, the experts, along with experts from Wuhan, China, examined patients with severe pneumonia and diagnosed their condition a year later.

To this end, 83 patients with severe pneumonia with CSB 19 were hospitalized and hospitalized. These patients were studied for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, viz. every 3 months. Review. In addition to medical analysis, lung function was checked at each examination, for which a CT scan of the lungs and a walking test were performed.

Within 12 months, most of the patients’ symptoms improved, their exercise capacity, and Code 19-related changes on CT scans improved. After one year, most of the patients appeared to have made a full recovery, but 5% were still having difficulty breathing. One third of patients’ lung function is abnormal, especially the ability of the lungs to carry oxygen into the blood.

CT scans of a quarter of patients show changes in several small areas of their lungs, and this is common in people who experience serious changes in their lungs while receiving treatment in hospital, the researchers said. Most patients with severe pneumonia appear to make a full recovery, but some patients may take several months to recover.

Post corona side effects

He said women have higher lung function than men and more research is needed to determine this. The researchers acknowledge that the number of patients in the study was small and further studies need to be confirmed, but identified several key points. A new study from the United States shows that cod can cause Alzheimer’s in patients. According to media reports, a study by the University of Cleveland showed that hay fever and Alzheimer’s were linked to psychological changes.

Researchers say that some research reports suggest that the coronavirus affects brain cells directly, while others find no such evidence. They say it’s important to know how fever is a disease that causes brain problems. Using artificial intelligence technology, he analyzed data from Alzheimer’s patients and code 19 and examined the proximity of the coronavirus host gene/protein. I’ve looked and seen how close this is to people with severe mental illness.

The researchers also analyzed genetic factors that affect the brain tissue and cells of the coronavirus. Discovered links between a number of mental illnesses, the most famous of which is Alzheimer’s disease.

The results suggest that Code 19 may increase the risk of dementia in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. To investigate this further, they looked at the relationship between Code 19, inflammation and brain damage, both of which are important components of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers say they found that the coronavirus causes changes in elements of Alzheimer’s disease and in the brain as a result of encephalitis.

Covid-19 Issues

The effect of certain viral factors on cell blood clotting was significant, he said, adding that the results showed that the virus could potentially affect a number of genes. He also found that people who were already at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease were at a higher risk of developing Code 19.

The Civil Aviation Authority excluded 12 countries from the Kosi category due to the reduction in kroon cases in Pakistan. All Pakistanis have the right to return in June. According to information, the Civil Aviation Authority has excluded 12 countries from Category C due to the reduced number of crown cases in Pakistan. The same category list covers 38 countries, now it has been reduced to 26 countries.

The Civil Aviation Authority has released a new list of Category C countries that includes India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq and South Africa, Chile, Colombia, Nepal, the Philippines and Bhutan, the traffic director said. have done.

The statement said that all Pakistanis from Category C countries would be allowed to return in June.

Post corona side effects

Covid-19 in Pakistan

Pakistani passengers returning home must comply with rapid tests, quarantine and SOP restrictions. Other class C citizens must meet NOC requirements to get to Pakistan. On the other hand, in the face of the Crown Plague, the Civil Aviation Authority has decided to maintain an 80% ban on international flights. The ban on international flights will remain in effect until June 30, 2021, according to a statement from the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Only 20% of international flights are operated. 6,000 passengers per day can come to Pakistan from abroad. It is worth remembering that the Civil Aviation Authority previously issued a travel policy that included 23 countries, including India, in Category B. Category C covers 23 countries including South Africa, Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Mozambique.

Pakistani Budget 2021-22

The arrival of passengers from countries in this category is required with the approval of the NCO. For category C countries, there is a total ban on entry to Pakistan. The policy states that passenger arrivals from 23 Category C countries must obtain NCA approval. The number of passengers in category A countries is not required to take the crown exam. These countries include Australia, Bhutan, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. The CAA said the duration of the PCR test for Category B passengers was 72 hours.

Covid-19 in Chennai Zoo

Chennai Zoo in Tamil Nadu, India tested positive for eight lions, including three tigers.

Zoo officials said a 9-year-old lioness named Neela tested positive for the crown, where she was treated for severe symptoms the day before her death but was unable to recover.

Zoo officials added that the two tigers, aged 23 and 19, were in critical condition and had been treated. A lion with a positive crown test is out of harm’s way.

Crowns have been confirmed on many animals in India, including lions, but this is the first death of an animal with a crown. Due to the poor performance of the Modi government, the daily crown case count in India has topped 300,000 while the death toll has surpassed 3,000.



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