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Now it’s the time! Sorry son

Now it’s the time! Sorry son. My best friend my brother Naeem Anwar Qureshi read my column (Grandma! Choose me now) in the first book of my novel, column, and writing, Away from Aden. Imran Khan’s meeting on October 30, 2011, was actually a state meeting. PTI Imran Khan later failed to prove that it was a party as big as PPP, although there was no comparison. Fearing accountability from various parties (such as broilers), PTI turned into the current one, involving those in power like fish.

However, I am writing this column at the request of my son Amir Hamza Asif, a senior producer at Discover Pakistan. It is a dialogue between the younger generation and the generation that recognizes the situation in our beloved homeland. Back then, the new generation saw Imran Khan Buzurg as their representative. Lies and lies based on statistics, accusations, promises, and their propaganda by the state apparatus are so great that Iman Al-Hafeez.

In my last column I told Pak Zardari about the mundane realities of PPP workers, and meanwhile came the Manu Bhai analysis that people loved so much. In his service, Manu Bhai wrote: “If Asif Ali Zardari had been replaced by an angel, the anti-great elements of Bhutto and Mokhtharma Shahid would have played the same role.

There is always a big difference between Ali Zardari’s role and mundane realities. However, Mr. Zardari must defend and account for what was done, not the workers. We came to Pak Naeem Anwar Qureshi, Pak Abdul Khalik Anjum, that at that time he wrote the column after the full dialogue (Grandma! Now choose me), ie children arguing with their parents.

Women also provide support and the people of our beloved homeland suffer from shortages, but from 2011 to 2021 as opposition leader and ruler Imran Khan, who is still making politics under the imperial siege by General Hamid Gul.

The answer to this rubric now lies in the needs of the community. Sorry my son, the many political civilizations, social values, traditions, and spirituality that were drowned out by spirituality have destroyed the good in the previous government.

Indian actor Aamir Khan has divorced his wife

Character is always your introduction. Business people make billions in their own language. Take for example Mr. Mohammed Ramzan Sheikh, no one in this country can lift a finger. In every area of ​​life a person depends on language and words.

Vatan Aziz has found a new leader who calls Uteran the Golden Rule, whose cabinet is based on the previous government’s NAB attack and blames the previous government for the destruction. Inflation has reached shameless, the middle class has disappeared in the country. The lower middle class became the poorest and the poorest of the poor, but the rulers gave arrogant interviews.

Groceries, clothing, meat, poultry, vegetables, flour, legumes, melted butter, butter, household bills aren’t the only things that don’t double day and night. Business is the business of state corruption, the business of corruption, the business of demands, promises, and fraud. Thankfully there is an integrated, strong, and successful army in every doubt of the beloved homeland, under the siege of this government ending his term of office.

If the armed forces of our beloved homeland are not fully vigilant and in power, our beloved homeland will be in a 100 times worse position.

Such as Manzoor Wattoo, Babar Awan, Rehman Malik, Faryal Talpur, Muzaffar Tappi, Dr. Soomro did not even know the names of the MRD movement and the PPP struggle, Asif Ali Zardari himself became a politician after his relationship with the Bhutto family.

He appeared on the horizon. Similarly, in the 22-year-old PTI set, they consider wrestling, has anyone heard of the names Shahbaz Gul, Sheikh Rashid, Fawad Chaudhry, Babar Awan, Aun Chaudhry, Manika Family, Bazdar, Shehzad Akbar? Absolutely not. Who are these people? In fact, these people met on our land for the harvest, at a time when the government was crumbling and being formed.

They are the scorpions of the destiny of nations. Those who came in groups and got on the next trolleybus. Now the rulers have the same face. Shahbaz Sharif felt worse for Imran Khan because he slapped his hand right into his reflection.

When Pakistan joined the US-led war in Afghanistan under Musharraf, Sheikh Rashid, who praised the prime minister’s speech today, said the US would make us an omelet if Pakistan did not agree. At the time, the current Prime Minister, Imran Khan, was a supporter of General Pervez Musharraf, but also an election agent, and convinced him that I was very popular, so made me Prime Minister.

He received information from the secret service. He said he would get a seat if he supported the United States. He is with Musharraf. When the United States withdrew from the war itself, it made such statements to gain cheap glory by speaking out against the war.

All the government teams involved in the Afghanistan war, except for Musharraf, are in his cabinet. But whoever has power has power, but he has popularity as opposed to the political role of power.

One round is not yet small, the other shows his eyes on the lap of the other.

No less dangerous is abandoning the US-led Afghanistan war and China’s entry into the US economic war at home. Henry Kissinger said, “Hosting to the United States can be dangerous, but friendship with Reika is like an invitation to die.” Mr. Zardari laid the groundwork for the Guadar Agreement, the Gas Pipeline Agreement with Iran, and the C-PAC. At the Imran Khan-Trump meeting, Trump said the former rulers were not listening to us. The joint position of the government, the opposition and the military leadership in national security policy deserves appreciation.

Today accountability has become revenge. Courts are held hostage and bureaucracy is out of control. Courts can send the prime minister home, convict him, reinstate the assembly, sentence the prime minister to death, but they cannot convict SP for misrepresenting the full court because the country is utterly powerless. The FIA ​​has become an accountable state, and ironically, these departments and agencies are actually states within states. So my son Amir Hamzah! He was the public representative yesterday, not today, so forgive me now my son! These people deported people from their beloved homeland.



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