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Murad Ali Shah slammed the federal government

Murad Ali Shah slammed the federal government. Murad Ali Shah says these people said they will not give money, they will eat it, federation does not serve by giving Sind money, 70% of income is collected by Sind, so give us money according to our need. Share. They have already cut Rp 62 billion from Rp 742 billion. He says there is no difference in any province, association should treat everyone equally, there is strong injustice in Sindh, unlike other provinces, no new road projects are made in Sindh.

Necessary projects have been pushed, the federal government is working on sewers and manholes instead of mega projects, PTI has become sewers and will flow into sewer systems. Indestructible like that, no Sind article can be forced, Salah happened and I am prime minister of Sind, so I am talking about Sind rights, why am I angry when I mention Sind matter? Why did they suddenly become attackers?

Murad Ali Shah slammed the federal government

He also said that if growth picks up, taxes should go up. The state budget depends on federal funds. Most taxes are levied by the federal government. When I present the facts, they feel bad. The tax growth is 17% and the 17% growth is 3 years beating drums.

Murad Ali Shah said that we have to spend more because of the corona virus, when NFC is 11 years old, they will focus on changing to 18 to NFC, no one is focused on the target, only criticized. Sindh Revenue Board tax levy is 21%, our Sindh Revenue Board rate is better than FBR.Prime Minister of Sindh said that there are more than 62 million people living in Sindh according to our estimate and we hope that MPs will go beyond political affiliation and talk about the census.

He said efforts were being made to create the impression that we were accusing the province of stealing water. Our concern is not in any province, but in the IRSA and the Federation. Water distribution is not a political issue, but a legal and technical issue. The point is I don’t blame anyone, I blame Irsa, Irsa doesn’t distribute water fairly. The Sindh government has announced the end of the two-day lockdown.

Murad Ali Shah slammed the federal government

Sindh Prime Minister said shops would close two days

A meeting of the provincial working group was held in Korona, chaired by Sindh Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah, where the Sindh Prime Minister said shops would close two days a week after the NCCOC, and now on Sunday. On that occasion, the Prime Minister noted the news about the issue of vaccines without vaccination certificates at the Expo Center and instructed the relevant authorities to take firm action. Murad Ali Shah said any ongoing work against the Crown would not tolerate corruption or incompetence.

The Prime Minister of Sindh has ordered that crown vaccinations will be mandatory for driver’s licenses

Murad Ali Shah said that classes 6 to 8 will be opened with 50% attendance and elementary classes will be open from June 21 to remedy the situation in Corona. Pakistani Judge Gulzar Ahmed says there is a government in Sindh. No, if they can’t clean the sewers, how will the province function?

Pakistani Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed was heard

A case involving the construction of the e-Faisal Shahra tower presided over by Pakistani Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed was heard on the register of the Supreme Court of Karachi.

During the trial, Pakistan’s presiding judge said that the Shahra e-Faisal road was never shortened, but widened. Residential roads on both sides are broken, all corrupt. Yes, give what you want, there is no government in Sind. The court expressed its anger at Advocate General Sind and asked how the province would survive the situation. Tell Advocate General Do you all know, tell us how other people can run your government? Someone has to wake up and stop it. The honorable presiding judge said that a parliamentary style of government has some importance and that a parliamentary government is a strong government. How will you manage the province if you can’t clear the canals? Ordered to clean the gutters a year ago, new excuses every day.

Judge Gulzar said the government was Canadian

Judge Gulzar said the government was Canadian and Eunice Memon from Karachi was from Canada. Eunice Memon watched all the rookies sitting there.

The presiding judge said the Rs. $2.6 billion in the province started in 2014 and ended in 2017. With this money, the best universities in the world can be built. The money for the RO plant is Rs 1500 billion. They are also thirsty for water. The Sindh government has only one plan. Keep making it worse. You have to decide what to do. Governments don’t work like that, but there’s no government.

Court said budget means raising funds for oneself, not people, people don’t benefit from a penny

The court then adjourned the trial until June 16 because Munir A. Malik was not present.

The Court invited PPP co-chair Asif Ali Zardari to report the money laundering case. The court judge, Islamabad Asgar Ali, heard the money laundering case against former President Asif Ali Zardari. NAB prosecutor Vasim Javed appears in court.

The court summoned Asif Ali Zardari to the next hearing and ordered the former president and other defendants to appear in court on June 29.

The former president was charged with laundering more than 8 billion rupees. A former presidential stenographer, Mushtak Ahmed, was named as a defendant. Asif Zardari drank more than 8 billion rupees through fake accounts, according to a NAB report.



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