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Imran Khan’s big “no” to the US and India

Imran Khan’s big “no” to the US and India. Prime Minister Imran Khan has been firm in Pakistan’s best interests, and for the security of Pakistan, like India and the United States, few of us know about it. India is our neighbor and our economy is linked to America’s presence.

In principle, the two are not easily refuted. We all want a stable atmosphere of peace and order between India and Pakistan. However, in recent years, there has been a stalemate between the two neighbors over India’s hostile policies towards Pakistan and Kashmir.

Diplomatic negotiations were closed and trade doors closed on both sides. Since Narendra Modi took over the reins of the Indian government under the religious leadership of the RSS and the BJP, tensions between Pakistan and India have continued to rise. There were two major incidents.

Which fully reveals India’s hostility to Pakistan. (1) On 26 February 2019, Indian military aircraft violated Pakistani airspace and attacked Balakot. The Indian military pilot who attacked was so amused that an Indian pilot (Abhinandan) destroyed his plane by a Pakistani eagle and he himself was captured on Pakistani soil and humiliated internationally. (2) On 5 August 2019, India was abolished by order of the Prime Minister, the special status of occupied Kashmir, as two articles (370 and 35A) of the Indian constitution, which contain the special status of occupied Kashmir, was unilaterally revoked.

For almost two years Kashmiris have been protesting around the world, including in occupied Kashmir, against this brutal and unilateral exploitation by India. Pakistan is equally angry and upset at India’s actions and is protesting it in forums around the world.

Revocation of the special constitutional status of occupied Kashmir negatively affects relations between Pakistan and India. Moreover, India has taken many steps over the past two and a half years to push back Kashmir at every opportunity and seize Kashmir’s basic rights. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned all anti-Kashmiri actions in every forum. Some of our Muslim sister countries in the Middle East are reported to have tried to create an atmosphere of goodwill between Pakistan and India despite Indian atrocities.

Imran Khan’s big “no” to the US and India

Efforts to restore relations between the two countries should be appreciated. We hope that these efforts will soon bear fruit. American and Western efforts are similar. But meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s principal decisions have been made known. Behind this decision lies the blessing of all Pakistanis who, under no circumstances, cannot see occupied Kashmir under full Indian control. The way the Punjab Prime Minister and federal ministers have accused hostile authorities of the Lahore attacks in recent days can also be seen as a reflection of Mr. Imran Khan in India.

It reflects the longing and longing of the Kashmiri people and the 230 million people in Pakistan when Prime Minister Imran Khan stood firm before the world powers and said emphatically: Till then there was no trade with India. Some people may be dissatisfied with this unexpected statement from Imran Khan, but in principle, there is no Pakistani who disagrees with Imran Khan’s statement above. This statement shows that Imran Khan grew up in Kashmir. You stand tall

In a detailed interview with American television presenter (Jonathan Swan) in the third week of June 2021, Mr. Imran Khan once again strongly advocates the Kashmir and Kashmir issue. Khan even said that if the Kashmir issue was resolved, there would be no need for nuclear weapons and Pakistan and India would live as two civilized nations. Imran Khan also said in the interview that Kashmir should be attacked. The silence of the West on India’s atrocities is indeed the hypocrisy of the West and America. His firm stance on Kashmir and Kashmir is also a response to opposition propaganda that Imran Khan is making decisions about Kashmir that are against Kashmiri ideals.

Whatever Mr. Imran Khan, it can be said for now that the position of Mr. Khan on the Kashmir issue has given satisfaction and encouragement to the citizens of occupied Kashmir. We also saw a unique reflection of this in the conference hosted by Narendra Modi on 24 June 2021 in New Delhi.

Although 14 leaders from 8 pro-India Kashmiri parties attended the conference and no Kashmiri leader was invited, there were some pro-India Kashmiri leaders who told Modi’s face that it was almost impossible to cooperate until the constitutional status and ancient Indian state of Kashmir was restored. with India and the Indian establishment. Among Kashmiri puppet politicians who reject Modiji are Farouk Abdullah and Omar Abdullah and Mufti Mehbuba. All three are prime ministers of occupied Kashmir.

To American journalist Jonathan Swan

In an interview with Ran Khan, it became clear once again that the desire to establish trade relations with India is futile if India does not restore the constitutional status of previously occupied Kashmir. This is actually a big “name” for India from Khan Sahib.

This is a story of courage and principled politics. Mr. Imran Khan gave America’s Braves such a big name. This “name” shocked America. American journalist (Jonathan Swan) who interviewed Imran Khan was also shocked by the “name”.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan, has made a clear and basic statement not to give the United States any excuse in Pakistan and not to participate in any war with the United States. Incidentally, Imran Khan has shown incredible courage by saying “no” to the United States. Imran Khan’s speech at the National Assembly yesterday opened the door wider in this regard.



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