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Analysis of Imran Khan’s statements and speeches

Analysis of Imran Khan’s statements and speeches. Despite the loyalty and love of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for the nation, many statements are sometimes seen as foreign and directed at the national interest. Imran Khan said that once the Kashmir issue was resolved, Pakistan would no longer need nuclear power. Shura of the Jamaat Islami said Imran Khan’s ambiguous position on the nuclear program raised suspicions. The opposition also arrested Imran Khan for the testimony.

According to Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan, cashmere is the elixir of Pakistani life. Kashmir is part of Pakistan as part of an internationally agreed plan to divide India. By the end of Kashmir’s independence from India and Pakistan’s annexation, the Pakistani nation had forgotten this.But great players include the United States, Israel and India.

They don’t care if Pakistan is Islamic and then nuclear? Everyone has an interest in him. America is a world power. No world power allows a country to stand against its rivals. That is why the United States has always been against our nuclear program. Sanctions were also imposed during the explosion. His spies have always been behind our nuclear program.

Many were arrested and deported by Pakistan’s intelligence services.

 Our Lord has blessed Israel with countless blessings. Israel was ungrateful for these blessings. Allah rejects him and removes him from the position of the world and raises questions about the mind in that position. Israel defied all of God’s commandments. Manage the interest system. Spread pornography all over the world.

The oppressor and companion of the devil. Whereas Pakistan is aware of the application of Allah’s laws in accordance with its constitution and the wishes of its people. There are obstacles to stop Israel’s evil actions. He also has the potential to lead the Islamic world. Therefore, Israel has become a staunch opponent of Pakistan. He also tried to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear facilities by attacking them as in Iraq.

India has been ruled by Muslims for over a thousand years. Then the founder of Pakistan Quaid e-Azam Mohammed Ali Gina tore his chest and made Pakistan the largest country in the Islamic world at that time. He says Quaid and Azam ripped our village to pieces. We will take a piece from Gao Mata. We will defeat Pakistan and turn it into a united India. He worked to divide Pakistan into two and ten more.

This teaching is enshrined in the Indian constitution, which he repeated many times in the Lok Sabha (parliament). In this context, nuclear energy is a guarantee for our survival. It’s not just about Kashmir’s independence. Imran Khan’s baseless statements should be avoided.Now Imran Khan has produced fresh fruit. Chinese communism is better than electoral democracy.

There are many legal barriers to democracy. You can’t do what’s best for society.

Democracy including The question to Imran Khan is that the Islamic State of Medina, which you repeat over and over again morning and evening, is against the system of state communism and the capitalist system of government, where has it gone? How has the democracy in which you are now prime minister deteriorated? Your vision is so weak that you support the Taliban.

It was he who destroyed the Russian communist system in Kuwait. In the United States itself there have been large-scale demonstrations against the capitalist system. The only way out of the world is the Islamic State in Medina. Given the contradictions in his opinion, shouldn’t Imran Khan make imaginary statements?

He said that once before he came to power. The cashmere question needs to be put aside for the time being.

Let India and Pakistan go on the path of development. This is the basis of ignorance in history. India has a doctrine for the return of Azad Kashmir and the end of Pakistan. When Pakistanis and Kashmiris came into conflict with India over Kashmir’s independence, they sacrificed their bodies and minds to save Pakistan. Pakistan can only survive if Muslims fight India, otherwise, India will swallow it.

So, does Imran Khan’s statement unconsciously contradict Pakistan?

However, Imran Khan has now been elected Prime Minister of a nuclear nation like Pakistan. Now stop building cricket and cancer hospitals all the time. Pakistani people voted for you based on your merits and manifesto. Now try to fulfill your manifesto.

Have you taken steps to remove the interest system from Pakistan to encourage and trade Islamic interest-free partners? Or the surrender of land to the IMF and its agents, a propagandist for the interest rate system. Do you use English judges instead of English judges? Where people immediately experience justice and corruption cases are solved. The money stolen from the corrupt goes into the coffers of the poor.

Or will you repeat the NOR’s five years of corrupt rhetoric and non-publication of corruption? Isn’t profanity and patriarchy in Pakistan’s electronic media killing the satanic culture? His Majesty, Head of Human Rights, will pass domestic violence laws before you under the guise of budget approvals, which disrupts the Muslim family system. Is that the law of the Islamic State in Medina? He passed a law on confiscation of waqf property in madrasas on the pretext of adopting the Fatif law under external pressure.

According to Imran Khan’s sources, all your speeches reflect more confidence. Sitting in front Most of the weakest men in this country are often portrayed as stupid. I want you to do this. The Prime Minister is arrogant with this way of speaking. Humility pleases God. Try to follow it and improve your speaking style. However, the people of Pakistan ask you, Allah, to take concrete steps for the Islamic State in Medina Pakistan. Amen.



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